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Next Generation

EWCNJ has been dedicated to children's ministry ever since it was established. We desire and serve to see the next generation to truly know and experience God. Our main focus is to lead our children unto the knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ. We thank God for the dedicated members of our church in making all this possible.

Our Sunday School Classes

Our Sunday School classes divided into four age groups:

  • Ages 12+ - Pre-teens and teens

  • Ages 9 - 11 

  • Ages 7 - 8

  • Ages 4 - 6 

Currently ages 11 and under are following the GOSPEL PROJECT curriculum. On top of the biblical lessons the Sunday School teachers help the kids learn amharic letters and amharic songs every week.


Brother Joshua Leal teaches the 12 and above age group. In addition, he teaches and organizes our teens to lead worship. Children are encouraged to use their gifts for the glory of God. 

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Teens Worship

Once a month children will join the main congregation for Praise and Worship time. They will have an opportunity to lead part of worship time. These are one of our precious moments in our congregation to see the young lifting up the name of Jesus!

Parent and Child

Parents Involvement

Parents are so encouraged to serve in children's ministry in various ways including teaching. The involvement of parents is very important as it sets an example for the next generation. Whenever you're ready to service please speak to our Sunday School organizer, Azeb Samuel. It's much appreciated.


Joshua Leal

Joshua Leal is on staff with us on a part-time basis and has been a blessing to our children. He has been teaching our teens since 2019. He is a great addition to our staff.

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